Duet of Harmony

once upon a time, there was a creature with two faces...

Once upon the time, heaven and earth were covered in flesh and blood. A strong creature with faces of a man and of a woman set out on a journey to a faraway promised land. In order to enter this place, the joining two faces were shattered apart.

There was once the perfect infinity... now only two separate lonely souls. There was once a duet of sublime harmony... now only two bizarre solos, living in discord. Each soul can only hear in itself half a melody and wanders aimlessly on the earth alone.

After wandering for ages stubbornly, on one epitomic moment, the broken soul allows itself to surrender, to admit that it is broken...and the reuniting process begins.  The broken soul starts searching for the warmth it is missing; for the depth of its own self that was ripped away; for the harmony that will only be obtained after reconnecting with the long lost half.

With amazing grace, the two separate souls find one another and a new journey begins - coming home. 

Eternity Rings for Men & Women

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Duet Diamond Wedding Bands

Original pre-order price is USD 3,837.96 

Hand-made wedding rings 18 karats embedded with natural diamonds by the artisan.

Q'ty: 1 set (2pcs)


Harmony Platinum Ring

Original pre-order price is USD 2,925.00 

Hand-made platinum wedding ring by the artisan.

Q'ty: 1 pc


Eternity Gold Ring

Original pre-order price is USD 1,371.15

Hand-made wedding ring 18 karats by the artisan.

Q'ty: 1 pc